The Comebacks

No, this article is not referring to the far below average movie, The Comebacks, starring David Koechner. It is a funny movie, but only if you are a fan of idiot humor like Lucas and I. Here’s a fact I guarantee most of you didn’t know: the movie was directed by Tom Brady. That’s right, look it up.

Anyways, this article is about all the dramatic finishes in the sports world in the past two weeks. I would argue that these past two weeks have been some of the best sports I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I am currently an engineering major, so that homework load is restricting me from being able to watch sports 24/7. It’s like being in a straitjacket. However, I’ve been doing everything possible to stay up to date. It has been absolutely incredible! NFL regular season, MLB playoffs, and World Cup qualifying have all seen their fair share of historic comebacks recently.

Who saw the Monday night football game? I sure as hell did, and it was so worth missing parts of the Giant-Cardinal game airing at the same time. The Broncos have been doing all year- they get behind early, make a run, and then come up short and lose by one possession. Not the other night, that was a completely different story. Peyton Manning was the QB every Bronco fan had been looking for in the second half, going 13-14 for 167 yards and 3 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Phil Rivers just lost any chance at ever being considered “elite”. Six turnovers? Was he doing his best Michael Vick impression? I’ll save it for another day, but he goes in the overrated list.

This has been, no doubt, the best MLB playoffs in the last eighteen years. All four Division Series went five games, with most of those games coming down to the ninth and even extras. The Yankees got lucky against the Orioles; if Raul Ibanez isn’t hitting home runs, look how atrocious their offense is. Cardinals did it again, never count them out. Despite how badly I wanted the Nationals to move on, the Cards earned it by coming from six back in Game five.

Before this article rambles on too excessively, I want to get to some soccer real quickly. Don’t mess with the Zlatan!!! Germany will tell you. Zlatan Ibrahimovic led Sweden to an improbable comeback against a great German team after being down 4-0 in the 56th minute. I realize you readers probably don’t care about soccer, so tell us what you think about the soccer talk on this site.

I got class now, more coming later on.

written by Max Bricker


5 thoughts on “The Comebacks

  1. Im so glad you pointed that out! i’ve been wating for that comment for over a day now. When i looked up the movie i saw that a guy, who is also named Tom Brady (not the quarterback), directed it. I thought it was pretty damn funny.
    Great observation Derek. As for the rest of the viewers who read this article and failed to comment that, your slacking.

  2. Max,
    The director of the Comebacks was a guy named Tom Brady, yes. However, it is not the quarterback of the Patriots who directed it, just some other random dude named Tom Brady. Just saying

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