Damn Yankees!

As it turns out, Raul Ibanez is human. As it turns out, the Yankees suck. How does the team with the highest pay roll in baseball look like a minor league offense against a tiger team that didn’t even win 90 games? It’s pathetic. The only player who is hitting is a 40 year old man who is ridiculously clutch, but not tonight. The player with the highest salary in baseball, earning $27 million dollars a year (A-Fraud), is getting paid to sit the bench and flirt with girls in the stands. It is an absolute mess. This shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone, but I’m predicting that they have zero percent chance at winning this series. Joe, tell the team to pack the bags tomorrow night. This one’s over. If only it was the whitesox playing instead of the tigers… then we could hear “YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!! YES!!” from the great Ken Harrelson. The playoffs were fantastic in all four division series, yet now there is only one championship series worth watching. Way to go Yanks, way to ruin the ratings.

-written by Max Bricker


4 thoughts on “Damn Yankees!

  1. The real story was the oakland athletics in being in the bottom 2 in payrolls in the MLB, 55 million, to the yankees almost 200 million. With having an unprecedented 5 rookie starting pitchers, and 17 rookies on the playoff roster.

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